With hundreds of happy customers, American Dream's remodels stand head and shoulders above the competition. We have remodeled and Alaskan homes homes since 1997. Our work can help protect and increase the value of your property.

We have rebuilt homes, bathrooms, garages, offices, sheds, painting, siding, window installation, and warehouses of all shapes and sizes to our exacting standards for durability and comfort. We have even added additional floors to existing structures!


This home was once a one story building without a garage or driveway.


We raised the house up over a period of time, added a basement and foundation to the home, and created a new first floor, kitchen, entryway, office, and living-room.


The house underwent a full remodel, without the time or costs associated with demolition and new construction.

When you choose American Dream Construction, you're choosing proven quality and expert craftsmanship.

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